Nagios | Ultimate IT monitoring guide with EyesOfNetwork

Nagios | Ultimate IT monitoring guide with EyesOfNetwork
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What you'll learn
Install the EyesOfNetwork solution with centOS operating system
Master the best monitoring software in the market (Nagios, Nagvis, NagiosBP, NSClient,.

Build virtually the IT infrastructure to monitor
Model any IT infrastructure as a MAP
Dashboard customization
Be able to monitor any IT object (OS/Database/Router/Application servers,...etc)
Monitor operating systems (Windows/Ubuntu: CPU, Disks, Memory, Network, users,... etc)
Monitor Oracle database objects (connection , tablespaces, passwords expiration,... etc)
Issues troubleshooting
Monitor application servers (Tomcat: Memory, threads, service, homepage,..etc)
Nagios resources and Macros list
Understand and use Nagios business processes
Adapt and fix monitoring plugins
Create your own monitoring scripts
SNMP checks
Understand and use NRPE
Establish secured NRPE (with TLS, with client authentication)
Handle NRPE clients (NSClient, JNRPE, Nagios agent)
Master the Nagvis module
Setup the mail notification
Users/Roles management in EyesOfNetwork
Get by the end a complete autonomous and reusable monitoring solution

Basic IT knowledge
A computer
Internet connnection
No prior knowledge about monitoring is necessary

Welcome to my course on EyesOfNetwork.

EyesOfNetwork is Nagios based solution made up of a set of Open Source software that meet the needs of the big crescents for the supervision of Business Information Systems.

This course will teach you, step by step, how to install and setup the EyesOfNetwork solution then how to use its main modules.

We will build virtually our proper IT infrastructure to monitor in this course so we can cover the monitoring of all IT objects widely used in real life information systems.

This is a Learn by example course, by following its lectures you will build a complete autonomous supervision system including a dashboard from which you can keep an eyes on all your IT platform from a single place.

The troubleshooting lectures are brig the fix for the most common issues that you can face when putting such solution in place.

In this course, you will

Install EyesOfNetwork with CentOS from ISO.

EyesOfNetwork solution setup and overview.

Build the IT infra to monitor: Windows 10 host, Ubuntu host, Oracle database, Tomcat server, Java Virtual Machine, Docker,.. etc

How to use NRPE

Install and configure NRPE clients: NSClient, JNRPE, Nagios agent

Windows related objects monitoring

Tomcat related objects monitoring

JVM related objects monitoring

TLS certificates monitoring

Oracle database related objects monitoring

Remote shared drive monitoring

Ubuntu related objects monitoring

Docker containers monitoring

Design a map with Microsoft Visio

Create and setup maps on Nagvis

Configure mail notification on EyesOfNetwork

Users/Roles management

And much more

Enroll in this course now and become a monitoring pro.

Who this course is for
People who want to learn how to monitor an IT infrastructure
IT eeers and integrators who are motivated to boost their career
Business owners who need to get a ready to use monitoring solution to keep an eye on their information system



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