Preparing To Easily Stop Drinking Alcohol

Preparing To Easily Stop Drinking Alcohol
Preparing To Easily Stop Drinking Alcohol
Last updated 5/2017
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Learn how to successfully prepare yourself to quit drinking and build the life you want
What you'll learn
Understand your habits and needs
Understand how alcohol shortcuts your natural education and screws around with your life from an early age
Know the six mindsets of habit change
Understand preparation, why we prepare, what prep tools you'll need, and how long the process will take
Understand the key to habit change
Understand the two forms of skill needed in any habit change
Understand how to replace your old habit with new habits, and why this is so important
Understand what new habits and behaviours you are going to build and why
Learn how to use habit chains
Learn how to chunk your goals down into more manageable tasks
Understand the power of marginal gains - a shortcut which will save you hours of wasted energy
Make sure your partner and family are on your side
Define your target goals using the SMART system
Achieve balance in your new life by selecting your goals from 12 life categories
Use a growth mindset so that nothing is unachievable
Use visualisation to boost your goal success rate
Use affirmations to build your self-confidence and boost your goal success rate
Understand what makes a great affirmation
Understand why your environment is much more controllable than you think
Get the most out of the closest people to you
Successfully quit drinking
Successfully quit thinking about drinking
There is no prior knowledge needed to take this course, just an open mind.
This course is about preparing to quit drinking alcohol.
Most people fail within the first few days of their quit because they don't prepare properly. Quitting drinking is more than just not putting the alcohol into your mouth, that's only the first step.
People who successfully quit alcohol know that to stay away from this poison in the long term means rebuilding or regenerating your life. This course prepares you for that rebuild.
You don't need any special skills or knowledge to take this course. You do need to apply yourself to all the steps provided.
The course is laid out step by step, so all you have to do is follow along.
Who this course is for
You should take this course if you want the best chance of quitting drinking.


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