Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting: The Best Of Carl Douglas (2022)

Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting: The Best Of Carl Douglas (2022)
FLAC (tracks) / MP3 320 kbps | 1h 49 min | Soul, Funk, Disco | 870 / 423 MB

The one-hit wonder behind the disco novelty smash "Kung Fu Fighting," Carl Douglas was also the first Jamaican-born artist to score a number one single in the United States. Douglas was raised in both California and Jamaica, and eventually moved to England to study sound eeering. In 1964, he formed a group called the Big Stampede, which released a couple of U.K. singles; two years later, he formed the Explosions while living in Spain. Upon returning to England, Douglas teamed up with a band called Gonzales, which quickly led to his becoming a session vocalist for Pye Records. In 1972, Douglas worked with Indian-born producer Biddu on the soundtrack to the Richard Roundtree film Embassy; so, two years later, when Biddu was searching for a vocalist to record the Larry Weiss composition "I Want to Give You My Everything," he contacted Douglas. Needing a quick B-side, Biddu set a melody to some lyrics Douglas had written about the kung fu craze sweeping pop culture courtesy of Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon and David Carradine's TV series Kung Fu.

"Kung Fu Fighting" was recorded in just ten minutes and elevated to the A-side of the single at Pye's insistence. The song topped the charts first in the U.K., then the U.S. and several other countries, selling over nine million copies worldwide. Pye quickly cobbled together an LP featuring a few novelty tracks and some straight-up soul/disco tunes, releasing it as Kung Fu Fighting and Other Great Love Songs. The follow-up single, "Dance the Kung Fu," flopped in America, pegging Douglas as strictly a novelty act, but it made the Top 20 in Britain, and "Run Back" reached the U.K. Top 30 in 1977. Douglas went on to release two more albums, Love, Peace and Happiness in 1979 and Keep Pleasing Me in 1983; the title track of the former was a U.K. Top 30 hit. Douglas eventually moved to Hamburg, Germany, where he owns a profitable production company that supplies music for films and advertisements. ~ Steve Huey

01. Kung Fu Fighting
02. Dance the Kung Fu
03. When You Got Love
04. Run Back
05. I Want to Give You My Everything
06. Too Hot to Handle
07. Blue Eyed Soul, Pt.1
08. I'll Keep Lovin' You
09. Witchfinder General
10. Chag s
11. Green Tangerines and Wild Evergreens
12. Never Had This Dream Before
13. I Don't Care What People Say
14. M.O.R.F. (Instrumental)
15. Love, Peace & Happiness
16. Kung Fu Fighting (Grasshopper Remix;7" Version)
17. Stand Up for Love
18. Shanghai'd
19. Mistakes of Mine
20. Girl You're So Fine
21. I'll Be Your Light
22. Honest Woman
23. Back Street City Lights
24. Shame
25. Preacher Man
26. Love Ain't Something
27. Fooling Around
28. Peace of Mind
29. Keep On Pleasing Me
30. Stop
31. Runaway Bus
32. Lady Sadie
33. Kung Fu Fighting ((1989 Remix)[7" Version])


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