MindGems Easy Screen Capture And Annotation 3.0

MindGems Easy Screen Capture And Annotation 3.0
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Easy Screen Capture and Annotation will capture and annotate any part of the screen.

The main goal of the product is to speed up the capture and editing process saving you valuable by automating repetitive tasks. Selecting a region directly on the screen or pointing only a menu, window or control at the moment of capture is just one of those features that will accelerate your workflow.
Easily create explicit and stylish captures by editing the captured images and also adding descriptions using text balloons (callouts), arrows and other objects.

The assignable keyboard hotkeys let you capture the screen instantaneously at any point of your work. A rich and intuitive interface provides you with the common features available in the leading image processing products. Those include cropping, resizing, painting, drawing shapes, filling with colors, different image effects, transparency, shadows and many more.

You have the power of image processing software and a screen capture utility in a single lightweight product. It will help you to create dazzling captures with as little effort as possible and save them in all known popular image formats. The product is easy for the novice users, and yet powerful enough for the advanced ones.

Easy Screen Capture And Annotation is a powerful utility for creating and editing screen captures. It has the following features:

Various capture options

Full Screen

Active Window

Active Window Without Borders

Rectangle - allows you to select rectangular part of the screen using the mouse

Window or Control - will let you capture a certain part of the application - button, toolbar, system tray etc.

Scrolling Window - will capture the entire area of a scrollable window by automatically scrolling

Color - will capture any color on the screen setting it as foreground color and copying its value in the clipboard

Add text annotations with different styles - balloons, rectangles etc.

Add arrows to point certain parts of the capture or bidirectional arrow to denote relation between different items.

Highlight - easy way to put highlight regions over the captured images. Similar to using highlight marker.

Different shapes - ellipse, rectangle, free hand polygons etc.

Rotate and scale captured images.

Combine multiple captures in a single image.

Insert an external image (logo, previously captured image, picture etc.) in the current capture project.

Supports many image file formats

Load/Save of capture project that will allow you to edit or extend a previously captured project.

Free image hosting and upload

Added: Full Unicode Support - you can now add annotations in multiple languages simultaneously

Added: Aero theme transparent windows screen capture

Added: Better Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatibility

Added: Smoother callouts painting - removed artifacts on high zoom levels

Added: Improved capture control or windows highlighting in "Control or Window" mode

Added: Capture color tray notification

Added: Save transparent background when exporting to PNG

Added: Click the tray icon to perform the selected capture operation.

Added: Toolbar button to perform the selected capture operation.

Fixed: Photobucket password settings were lost in rare cases

Fixed: Photobucket issues

Fixed: Image size information updated on fit

Fixed: Resize canvas to fit all object, vertical size issue fixed




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