Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger
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A desire to learn.

Energy saving in Heat Exchanger / Performance evaluation of heat exchanger

Types of Heat Exchangers

Performance of heat exchangers

Log mean Temperature Difference

Effectiveness of heat exchanger

Methods to save energy in heat exchanger

Fouling in heat exchanger

Selection of heat exchanger

Design of heat exchanger

Some eeering knowledge is beneficial, but lessons are explained in depth to allow students to build their knowledge from the ground up.

A background in eeering / Process Industry would have added advantage

Course offers following benefits to the attendees

Practicing Eeer or consultant while going through the course, will learn following topics from the course on Heat Exchanger. The main benefit of the course is "How to save Energy in Heat Exchanger" for existing or for new selection of heat exchanger.

1. Introduction to Heat Exchanger (with types of heat exchanger)

2. Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger and their different configurations

3. Plate type Heat Exchanger

4. Parallel flow & Counter flow Heat Exchanger

5. Cross flow Heat Exchanger

6. Heat Exchanger Applications

(Air preheater, economizer, super heater, process heater etc.)

7. Performance of Heat Exchanger

8. Log Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD) Method to evaluate heat exchanger performance

9. Numerical

10. LMTD Correction Factor Charts

11. Numerical

12. Limitation Log Mean Temperature Difference

13. Effectiveness - NTU Method to evaluate heat exchanger performance

14. Numerical

15. Fouling in Heat Exchanger

16. Types of Fouling in Heat Exchanger

17. Prevention & Removal of Fouling in heat exchanger

18. Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association Standards (TEMA)

19. Selection of a Heat Exchanger

20. Methods to Improve Efficiency of Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Tube Inserts

Use of Fins

Use of Deformed Tubes

Use of Baffles

21. Leak Detection Methods for heat exchangers

The course of Heat Exchanger is designed for All practicing eeers and consultants working in industry or students preparing for exam related to Heat exchanger subject.



Energy consultants

Practicing Eeers




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