Learn SDET Essentials - Full Stack QA Automation

Learn SDET Essentials - Full Stack QA Automation
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SDET Essentials Course is designed for Automation Testers who want to go next Level as SDET/Test Architect/DevOps/Full Stack QA Automation Eeers.

What you'll learn

CI & CD with Jenkins, Docker, AWS & DevOps


This course covered advanced topics like CI , CD ,Jenkins , Maven, Docker, AWS etc..

What you'll learn

Understand and Implement Docker to provide virtualization Environments for Automation Tests

Build Json/Xml on fly from JDBC Query results with Jackson API and POJO implementation

Understand Jenkin pipelines scripting for D

Complete knowledge on latest Java Streams and lambda expressions for Interview prep

Parsing Json files into Java objects to feed into web Automation tests

How to monitor server logs dynamically with java

Understanding GIT commands in depth versioncontrol

Course Outline


1) Dockerization, integrating with Selenium

2) Selenium Grid with Docker

3) Selenium Grid, Docker Integration with Jenkins

4) Sauce Labs & BrowserStack

5) Apache Maven

What is Maven

What are Advantages of Maven

What is pom.xml

What is dependency & plugin

Create a Maven project in Eclipse

Maven Project folder structure

Project Object Model(pom.xml)

Maven Build Life Cycle

How to integrate Selenium with maven Project in Eclipse

How to Run Selenium Tests in Eclipse using Maven

Maven Surefire Plugin

How to generate Maven report

How to install & Setup Maven on Windows

How to run Maven Project from command line(CLI)

Maven Commands

6) GIT version control system - Commands

Git Init

Git Clone

Git Branch

Git Checkout

Git Add

Git Commit

Git Push

Git Pull

Git Diff

Git Stash

Git Status

Git Log

Git Merge

7) Git & GitHub - Commit, Push, Pull ,Branching, Pull Request & Meg

8) Jenkins CI & CD

9) Jenkins Pipeline Setups using Plugins

10) Jenkins Pipeline Creation using Groovy Script


12) AWS for Testers

13) Zelenium

I will add more content in future.. Stay tune..

Who this course is for:

Automation testers,QA Eeers,Software Eeers




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