Five Ancestor Fist: Wuzu Quan

Five Ancestor Fist: Wuzu Quan
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A style known as Wuzu Quan was developed by a Master named Bai Yi Feng during China's Yuan Dynasty 1260-1368.

He combined the best techniques of five masters who demonstrated the highest skill at the Shaolin Temple. This style became known as Wuzu Quan or the Fist of Five Ancestors.This style of Kung Fu is very popular in Fujian Province China and was the genesis of modern karate as developed in Okinawa.

This DVD presents:

The style features Strong-arm movements, elaborate hand techniques, low-level kicking and solid stances.

The distinguishing form is samchien or sanchin. It means three battles and is often equated to mean the unification of body, mind, and spirit.

The practical use of the form is for developing strength as well as combative applications.


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