App Creator: ASO & How did I get to 20 million app downloads

App Creator: ASO & How did I get to 20 million app downloads
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How to optimize your app to get more s and perform better
Conduct professional store and in-app A/B testing to get more revenue and users
App Search Optimization (ASO) tools and keywording to rank higher in the App Store and Google Play
Screenshots, Onboarding, Funnels, Testing and more important issues to keep in mind!

Methods to increase retention and users within the app
No programming experience required, App Store and/or Google Play developer account access is required
The Precious Knowledge I Had I Knew In My Early App Dev Years...
"Hi there, my name is Mike, and I've been an independent app creator for the past 10 years.
Over this period of I created more than 10 apps - some apps ended up passing the 100K s and some of them even exceeded 1 million s, such as my drawing (5m) and fitness apps which you can see review below.
I became more and more experienced and gained precious knowledge that I wish I would've had from the bning!
This is why I decided to create my own course especially for you
"App Creator: Beyond Coding"
My Apps (Developer Name: Kalrom Systems):
- Sand Draw (over 10 Million s)
- Women Workout (over 1 Million s)
- Buttocks Fitness (over 1 Million s)
- Best Abs Fitness (over 1 Million s)
- Flappy You (300K s)
- Voice Draw (>100K s)
- Fruit Draw (>100K s)
- Run the Music (>100K s)
What Is This Course About
In this course I will share with you many of the insights and secrets I learned during this in order to provide you with the best tools and wisdom that an app creator needs beyond the coding stage!
Who Is It For
Whether you are an indie developer, a startup, a freelancer, or just someone who owns an app or plans on creating one, I really recommend you to get this course.
A/B Testing & Showcases
Store A/B Testing
In-App A/B Testing
Screenshot A/B Testing
App Icon A/B Testing
ASO Tools
Testing & Localization
Direct and practical hands-on actions that you must perform in order to succeed with your app.
Store Listing & Tools
ASO Tactics
App Analytics
App Screenshots
Retention Tactics
Push Notifications
Important anecdotes and conclusions analyzing my own successful apps and others.
Optimization & Monetization
Optimizing App Size
Optimizing User Reviews
Monetization Methods
In-App Ads
Free or Paid
And more...
Vital knowledge that any app developer needs to know in order to optimize their app
Bner to advanced app developers / creators / startups or anyone who wants to know how to further improve and promote their apps
People who want to get a real insights into successful app A/B testing results


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