Introduce Yourself in Mandarin Chinese in 60 Minutes

Introduce Yourself in Mandarin Chinese in 60 Minutes
Introduce Yourself in Mandarin Chinese in 60 Minutes
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Short and sweet lessons that teach you the essentials with tips to help you memorize them so you can start speaking!

What you'll learn
Understand my 10-second introduction
Learn to create your introduction in Chinese
Learn 5 essential phrases to start speaking Chinese
Learn the key structures and components of the essential phrases
Bner. Knowing pinyin helps. But if you can repeat after me, you are good
Chinese (Mandarin) is often viewed as one of the most difficult languages. It doesn't have to be. Nothing comes easy, but we can make it fun!
If you are willing to put in the work, I will be honored to help you get started with Chinese (Mandarin).
In this course, you will learn 5 essential phrases and the key components and structures that will help you lay a solid foundation in your Chinese learning journey.
My lessons are structured to be short and sweet so that it is easy to learn and doable. There are exercises to go along to make sure you are understanding the materials.
This course focus on speaking so characters are not being taught. However, I include both characters and pinyin to make it even easier to study.
There are two "Repeat After Me"s in this course to further enforce the vocabulary and phrases taught in this course. They can be listened to on the go so you can take advantage of pockets of .
By the end of the course, I hope you will understand my 10-second introduction in Chinese and create your own introduction! I'd love to see or maybe even hear your introduction!
Who this course is for
Bner who wants to learn to speak Chinese in a supportive environment with short and sweet lessons (and occasionally not so funny jokes)

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