Learn 5 Professional Mind Reading & Card Magic Routines

Learn 5 Professional Mind Reading & Card Magic Routines
Learn 5 Professional Mind Reading & Card Magic Routines
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Mind Magics & Card Magics which you can learn easily & doesn't require bulky props. Learn once, perform anywhere!

What you'll learn
Magic: Create REALLY, yes Really convincing mind reading illusion (Works EVERYTIME)
Magic: Teleport chosen card to SPECTATOR'S Wallet (Easily)
Magic: 10 Hidden Crossword (Works on Video Calls as well)
Magic: Find chosen card in a COOL way from a Shuffled and Borrowed deck
Magic: Predict what the spectator will THINK (Even Fools Magicians)
Performance and Preparation tips
No prior skills required
Everything you will need are: deck of cards, wallet, notepad & a smartphone
You will need to print the crossword for the Crossword Magic you will learn. Then you can carry it in your wallet wherever you go!
*Read the description of each video lesson to know how the magic will look like exactly

Imagine having the ability to walk up to someone & completely make them speechless! That's what you will be after taking this class.

Want to impress your friends, colleagues, crush, girlfriend or even a stranger with Mind Blowing Magic? You have come to the right place! You will be learning Mentalism & Card Magic.

I will teach you 5 of my best go-to Magic Routines which are EASY, yes really easy to learn but gets Mind Blowing reaction every single time!

What makes this class different?
These are not one of those tricks which you end up knowing but not performing! These magics are easy & you don't need to carry bulky props. Once you learn these magics, you are ready to perform anywhere, anytime & to anyone!
- These are routines, not just a quick effect.
- In-depth tutorial with performance tips.
- Easy to learn: you can master in a day!
- Perform with everyday objects: No need to carry bulky or additional accessories or equipment. In fact you don't even need to carry a backpack to perform these magics.

The only things you will need to perform these 5 magics are your smartphone, wallet, deck of cards & a pocket notepad which you probably already have & carry!

Whether you are a student, artist, sports person or you have a 9 to 5 job, it doesn't matter! These magics are right for anyone! Why not have some science defying tricks up your sleeves wherever you go? It's fun every single time!

Enroll today!

Who this course is for
For those who are SERIOUS to learn and perform TOP class Magic Routines
Atleast 13 year old


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