The Winner Within- The Neuroscience Of Your Potential

The Winner Within- The Neuroscience Of Your Potential
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The 7 Keys to unlock your potential

What you'll learn
Uncover your 'why' and discover your passion
At minimum double your productivity
Overcome stress and greatly improve focus
Learn the science of human behaviour and how to turn negative into positive outcomes
Learn the science of skill development to greatly speed up learning and growth that will allow you to grow in all areas of life
Define your value statement in business
Learn relationship mastery as it applies to business and personal pursuits
A curiosity of what you are capable of
This is not simply a course of philosophy.

It provides you with all the tools and detailed exercises to achieve your goals and become the person you have always wanted to be
Since our inception, The Winner Within program has remained our cornerstone training and development program. The primary focus of most training today is on knowledge and skills which are essential however what is too often overlooked is what lies inside every one of us. All training is based on gaining an understanding of the neuroscience of human behaviour. This program will help you excel by focusing on mastering the behaviours of success, drive, productivity, focus, growth, relationships and much more. The mandate of The Winner Within is to allow every person we work with to tap into and unlock the incredible potential that has always been there.Taylormadeleadership is a nationally accredited organization specialized in optimal performance training and development for business professionals. We assist organizations and individuals to succeed through improvement in behaviour, productivity, business development, sales, leadership, relationships and team development. The company was founded 21 years ago by Randy Taylor. His personal story is remarkable and spans from living homeless at 14 to becoming one of the nations leading thinkers on human potential and leadership. Taylormadeleadership has risen to become a nationally recognized and accredited leader in behavioral training and development. Today we work with teams of both new hires and established professionals in many of the top corporations in the nation through customized programs geared to the needs, goals and objectives of each organization we serve. Our training and development has evolved from the 7 core principles created over a decade ago in The Winner Within TM training protocol. Our proprietary system of delivery, implementation, follow up and accountability has been key to the extraordinary results we have witnessed over the past decade.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 This is the welcome introduction to The Winner Within program

Section 2: The Self-Directed Success Solution - How to double productivity

Lecture 2 The Self Directed Success Solution

Lecture 3 Goals- Connecting Purpose to Passion

Section 3: The Science of Human Behaviour - How Success is Created

Lecture 4 The Power of the Mind- Developing Behaviours of Success

Lecture 5 The Structure of Intentional Success

Lecture 6 The Power of Focus

Lecture 7 Growth and 10 X Skill Development

Lecture 8 Relationship Mastery

This course is for anyone who has long had a yearning to become the person they long dreamed off. From entry level to advanced this course will allow you to develop the habits of success in all areas of life and overcome all past self-limiting behaviour



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