Arduino for Absolute Beginners by Robojax

Arduino for Absolute Beginners by Robojax
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What you'll learn
What is Arduino, Arduino development boards and introduction to Arduino IDE
Sensors and switches like tile, flame,reed,sound and other sensor
Displays such as LED, LCD and OLED displays
Temperature sensors
Arduino programming elements such as Functions, Arrays, Loops and Switch
Controlling Relays with Arduino
DC motors, Stepper Motors and Servo motors
Obstacle Avoidance methods and modules such as Infrared, Ultrasonic and laser
Using infrared Remote to control TV, Motors and Servos
Touch Sensor, 1, 4 and 16 channel sensor
GPS and extracting gps location
Clock and r
IoT ESP8266 WiFi Development board D1 Mini, NodeMCU
IoT ESP32 WiFi, Bluetooth Development boards

Student should know simple grade 9 math
Own PC with windows and be able to use basic features of windows
Desktop or laptop windows machine
This course starts from absolute bner and up.

Main Sections of course are

Introduction to Arduino board and Arduino IDE

Sensors and switches

Controlling Relay with Arduino

Arduino programming elements such as


Array and multidimensional array

While and "for" loop

Switch and case

Temperatures Sensors without display, with LCD, LED and other types of displays

Obstacle Avoidance such as




DC motors contor

Stepper motor control

ESP8266 WiFi IoT, D1 Mini, NodeMCU

Control Stepper motor over WiFi

Turn ON and OFF AC bulb

ESP32 WiFi IoT, Bluetooth development boards

AC Projects

AC dimmer with Arduino

AC Switch to turn ON/OFF AC load with Arduino and push buttons


Infrared and remote control

Touch sensor



and more..

Who this course is for
Bners who want to learn Arduino and build projects
University, College, High School students and anyone who want to learn to make tasks automated
Factory or industrial institution to use project or educate staff



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