Learn How To Dropship From Amazon To Ebay

Learn How To Dropship From Amazon To Ebay
Learn How To Dropship From Amazon To Ebay
Published 6/2022
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Learn how to generate passive income through the price differences on Amazon and Ebay!
What you'll learn
How to create a Ebay business account
The setup for any account related settings
How to sell Amazon products profitably on Ebay
Search and find the right products on Amazon to sell
Create Ebay listings with just a few clicks
Automated orders for even more freedom of life
How to process orders when you got the first sale
What to do in case of a return
and many more
A laptop and internet connection
The will and the motivation to keep going
Have you always wanted to know how to make money with dropshipping? Or have you already tried Shopify and had no success? Then you are exactly right here!In this course I will show you how we use the two largest sales platforms Ebay and Amazon to our advantage to build a passive online income. With just a laptop and an internet connection!You don't have to rummage through hours of course material until your head is spinning, but you can learn everything you need to generate an income with Ebay dropshipping as quickly as possible in small chunks. In under 3 1/2 hours you will have all the knowledge you need to find products, list them and make your first sale!What you will learn in this course:Dropshipping WITHOUT Shopify and expensive advertisingYou will know how to list and sell products on EbayI'll show you how to make the settings for your Ebay shop to be rated faster and thus achieve sales fasterI'll show you different tools like Autods, with which you can import products in seconds and much moreYou will learn how to cleverly use the price differences between Amazon and Ebay to achieve sales on EbayYou will know how to fully automate your Ebay shopFree of charge: 400 best seller articles that sell very well from experienceStructure of the course:I will first discuss all the important things with you that you need to start. This includes registering business, which is essential if you want to sell online. I will also discuss with you the advantages of a business account at the bank and the advantage to have a credit card.After we have applied for everything important, we can devote ourselves to creating an Ebay account. Here you can find out how to create a business Ebay account and how to make the most important settings. Then there is a small overview of the most important pages of Ebay.Now it's time to find profitable products for your own shop. I'll show you all the tools I use to find products the fastest and import them to my store in just a few clicks. You will also learn how to evaluate Ebay data to find out what has the best chance of selling in your own store.After we have clarified how we can find products and import them into the store, I will show you how you can use a tool to put your store on autopilot. This works for our orders as well as for importing products and price monitoring of our items.In the last step I will show you how to process your first order and send it to your customer. Your chance to live a life without a boss and according to your own ideas!Join me and dozens of others who are successfully doing eBay dropshipping. See you in class soon!
Section 1: Welcome
Lecture 1 You made the most important step already!
Lecture 2 How dropshipping works
Section 2: What you need to get started
Lecture 3 Introduction section 2
Lecture 4 How to register a business
Lecture 5 Create a Amazon business prime account
Lecture 6 How to create a business bank account
Lecture 7 How to get a credit card
Section 3: It starts! Settings and Overview
Lecture 8 Introduction section 3
Lecture 9 Create a Ebay business account
Lecture 10 Ebay account settings
Lecture 11 Overview Ebay account
Section 4: Find profitable products
Lecture 12 Find products method 1
Lecture 13 Find products method 2
Lecture 14 Find products method 3
Lecture 15 Terapeak - Ebay product research tool
Section 5: Upload products to ebay manually
Lecture 16 Introduction section 5
Lecture 17 Important before uploading dropshipping products
Lecture 18 Upload products manually
Section 6: Autods tool to automate the shop
Lecture 19 Introduction section 6
Lecture 20 Autod's tool and its benefits
Lecture 21 Automate tracking number upload with Autods
Lecture 22 Autods settings for a successful setup
Lecture 23 Add an Amazon buyer account to Autods - fully automate orders
Lecture 24 Import products with Autods
Lecture 25 Sync untracked Ebay products with Autods
Section 7: 400 Best selling items for your store
Lecture 26 Introduction section 7
Lecture 27 How to add the 400 items to the store
Section 8: Manage your orders
Lecture 28 Introducton section 8
Lecture 29 How to process orders manually
Lecture 30 Fully automated ordering with Autods
Section 9: How to manage returns
Lecture 31 Introduction section 9
Lecture 32 How to handle returns
Section 10: Thank you!
Lecture 33 I wish you all the best for your store :)
To all those who want to build up a passive income without having to have a lot of time, money or prior knowledge. Mainly to people who want to make sales without having to advertise.,Beginners who want to build their own online income,Anyone who wants to escape the 9-5 hamster wheel,To people who have been unsuccessful with Shopify and now finally want to see success with dropshipping

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