Learn The Art Of Zbrush

Learn The Art Of Zbrush
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Learn to sculpt environment props, objects and creatures in ZBrush.

What you'll learn
Learn to Use ZBrush in a professional capacity, with emphasis on environment objects, props and creatures.
Have a PC or Mac capable of running ZBrush and a graphics tablet.
Brig ZBrush into your art pipeline is now more important than ever before. With the launch of new hardware and ever increasing rendering power and tools, like the new Unreal Ee 5, ZBrush sits in a sweet spot that let's you create art for this market of current and next-generation video games like never before.This course assumes you know nothing about ZBrush, that you've never used it, and I will guide you through all of it's quirks and gems from start to finish. ZBrush is renowned for use in character creation, but it is used for so much more than that. I am an environment artist primarily, but I create creatures and props too and I use ZBrush for all of my endeavors in art creation for video games.Not only will you learn how to use ZBrush, but I will take you though the stages to prepare your models for export to various packages like Substance Painter, Unity / Unreal and 3DS Max etc. and show you how you can tighten your pipeline and include ZBrush so it will bring the quality of your art to another level.You will learn all the tools in Zbrush that will allow you to do; detail sculpting, concept sculpting, low-poly modeling, optimize your models, paint your models, texture your models, create grass and hair, retopologize, create UVs, prepare and export your models and much, much more. I will give you challenges throughout the course, and test what you have learned with little fun quizzes along the way.If you take this course, I promise you, you will be proficient in Zbrush by the end of it and you will be able to create anything your creative juices will allow. If you are not happy with it, we offer a 30 day, money back guarantee. So why wait. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.I'll see you in there.Kevin...


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Section 2: Course Details

Lecture 2 Course requirements

Lecture 3 What is Zbrush and Who Uses it

Lecture 4 Installing Zbrush

Lecture 5 Course structure

Lecture 6 Join our facebook page

Section 3: Becoming Familiar With Zbrush

Lecture 7 Introduction

Lecture 8 First Look

Lecture 9 Getting Started

Lecture 10 Some Basic Controls

Lecture 11 Your First Brush and Smoothing

Lecture 12 Using the Space Bar

Lecture 13 Chag Your Sculpting Material

Lecture 14 What is a tool

Lecture 15 Transform Basics | move, rotate, scale

Lecture 16 Apple Shape | ASSIGNMENT #01

Section 4: Basic Features

Lecture 17 Introduction

Lecture 18 More Help and Quicksave

Lecture 19 Sub Division

Lecture 20 Using Append

Lecture 21 Sub Tool Menu

Lecture 22 Folders

Lecture 23 Swapping Between Sub Tools

Lecture 24 Undo - Redo

Lecture 25 Move and Move Topological (4th Jan 2021)

Lecture 26 Bison Toy Blockout | ASSIGNMENT #2

Lecture 27 My Bison blockout LAPSE

Section 5: Advanced Features

Lecture 28 Introduction

Lecture 29 Masking

Lecture 30 More Masking

Lecture 31 Symmetry X, Y, Z and Radial

Lecture 32 Live Boolean and Initialize

Lecture 33 Live Boolean and Dynamic Subdivide

Lecture 34 Live Boolean and IMM Boolean

Lecture 35 Deformation

Lecture 36 Polygroups Basics

Lecture 37 Alphas

Lecture 38 Alpha Map to 3D Mesh

Lecture 39 Dynamesh Basics

Lecture 40 More Dynamesh Features

Lecture 41 More Brushes

Lecture 42 A New Apple | ASSIGNMENT #3

Lecture 43 My Apple | I show you mine

Lecture 44 IMM Brushes

Lecture 45 Create Custom IMM Brushes

Lecture 46 Custom Curve IMM Brushes

Lecture 47 Lazy Mouse

Lecture 48 Bison Sculpt | ASSIGNMENT #4

Lecture 49 Bison Sculpt |Part 1

Lecture 50 Bison Sculpt | Part 2

Lecture 51 Bison Final Detail | Lightbox Brushes

Lecture 52 Quick Start Guide

Lecture 53 Dynamic Draw Size

Lecture 54 ZSpheres | A Different Start

Section 6: Custom UI

Lecture 55 Introduction

Lecture 56 Current UI Overview

Lecture 57 Customise UI

Lecture 58 Setting up your Quick Brush Pallette

Lecture 59 Chag Camera View Head

Lecture 60 Chag UI Colours

Section 7: ZModeler

Lecture 61 Introduction

Lecture 62 The ZModeler Brush

Lecture 63 ZModeler Basics

Lecture 64 ZModeler and Dynamic Subdivide

Lecture 65 ZModeler | Creating a Vase

Section 8: Zmodeler to Dynamesh | Master Sword

Lecture 66 Introduction

Lecture 67 Sword 01 | Creating the Blade

Lecture 68 Sword 02 | Creating the Handle

Lecture 69 Sword 03 | Handle Wings

Lecture 70 Sword 04 | Bevel and Details

Lecture 71 Sword 05 | Subdivide and Details

Lecture 72 Sword 06 | Handle

Lecture 73 Sword 07 | Finalising Detail

Section 9: Stone Circle Scene Project

Lecture 74 Introduction

Lecture 75 Modelling the Basic Shapes 01

Lecture 76 Modelling the Basic Shapes 02

Lecture 77 Sculpting Detail 01

Lecture 78 Sculpting Detail 02

Lecture 79 Dropping Some Long Grass

Lecture 80 Dropping Some Shorter Grass

Lecture 81 Adding a Tree

Lecture 82 Final Details

Section 10: Concepting / Speed Sculpting In Zbrush

Lecture 83 Introduction

Lecture 84 Creature Scultp | 01 | The Shape

Lecture 85 Creature Scultp | 02 | Refining the Shape

Lecture 86 Creature Scultp | 03

Lecture 87 Creature Sculpt | 04

Lecture 88 Creature Sculpt | 05

Lecture 89 Creature Sculpt | 06

Lecture 90 Creature Sculpt | 07

Lecture 91 Final Sculpt Reveal

Section 11: ZRemesher (Retopology)

Lecture 92 Introduction

Lecture 93 What is ZRemesher

Lecture 94 ZRemesher with Polygroups

Lecture 95 ZRemesher with Polypaint / Polygroups Combo

Lecture 96 ZRemesher Guide Brush

Lecture 97 Projecting Detail

Lecture 98 Extrude Edge Retopo

Section 12: Fibremesh (Hair and Grass)

Lecture 99 Introduction

Lecture 100 FibreMesh UI and Hair

Lecture 101 FibreMesh Grooming

Lecture 102 FibreMesh Grass

Section 13: PolyPaint your Model

Lecture 103 Introduction

Lecture 104 Using RGB

Lecture 105 Using Materials

Lecture 106 Painting Creature 01 | Colour Blockout

Lecture 107 Painting Creature 02 | More Detail and Colour

Lecture 108 Finishing Touches

Lecture 109 Posing Your Creature

Lecture 110 Decimating Your Model

Section 14: Texturing using Spotlight

Lecture 111 Introduction

Lecture 112 Spotlight Overview

Lecture 113 Spotlight as a Reference Plane

Lecture 114 Texture Projection

Lecture 115 Using Multiple Textures

Lecture 116 Final Spotlight Texturing

Section 15: Using Dynamics / Physics

Lecture 117 Introduction

Lecture 118 Quick Build Table | ZModeler | Dynamic Subdivide

Lecture 119 Dynamic Table Cloth

Lecture 120 T-Shirt With Dynamics

Section 16: ZBrush to Game Workflow

Lecture 121 Introduction

Lecture 122 Importing a Model

Lecture 123 UV Mapping / Unwrap

Lecture 124 Exporting a Model from Zbrush

Lecture 125 Baking Normals in Substance Painter

Lecture 126 Exporting Your Maps from Substance

Lecture 127 Brig Your Models / Textures into Unity

Lecture 128 Render and Save from ZBrush


Lecture 129 PROJECT #01 | Witches Corner Intro

Lecture 130 Witches Corner | The Walls

Lecture 131 Witches Corner | The Floor

Lecture 132 Witches Corner | Cauldron

Lecture 133 Witches Corner | Bottles

Lecture 134 Witches Corner | Stool and Books

Lecture 135 Witches Corner | Pumpkin


Lecture 136 BONUS Lecture

Bners who are keen to learn the latest techniques in 3D modelling for games.






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