Workplace Safety, Security, And Privacy (Hrci-Phr/Sphr)

Workplace Safety, Security, And Privacy (Hrci-Phr/Sphr)
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Course 20 of 20 of The Human Resources Certification Program (HRCI - PHR/SPHR)

What you'll learn
Employee Safety
Employee Health
Workplace Security
Workplace Privacy
No special requirements or prerequisites
The course is aligned with the HRBoK - A Guide to the Human Resource Body of Knowledge
The Risk Management: Workplace Safety, Security, and Privacy course is the 19th of 20 courses developed as part of the Human Resources Certification Program.

In this course we'll examine the importance of safeguarding employee safety and health, as well as workplace security and privacy and why those safeguards are essential for business continuity and success.Next, we'll explore various aspects of employee safety and health hazards and support systems employers can offer, such as employee assistance programs, or EAPs, and an employee wellness program.And finally, we'll cover security risk analysis methods and security measures, as well as workplace privacy issues, privacy policies, and how you can best address employer and employee privacy concerns.In topic one, Employee Safety, you'll gain insight into the importance of a safety needs analysis, the development and implementation of occupational injury and illness prevention programs and return to work programs, identifying workplace safety risks and establishing general health and safety practices, and an overview of OSHA investigation procedures.Ignoring the possible impact of drug and alcohol abuse on any company may be a costly error. In topic two, Employee Health, our focus will be on identifying employee health hazards, substance abuse, and the programs employers can offer to assist employees in these areas.Workplace security involves the physical and procedural measures taken to protect company assets. In topic three, Workplace Security, we'll discuss workplace and organizational threats, security risk analysis methods, emergency response planning, and workplace violence.The biggest privacy concern for employers is protecting proprietary information. In topic four, Workplace Privacy, we'll examine internal and external security and privacy policies, the appropriate use of electronic media and hardware such as e-mail, social media, and Internet access, data integrity techniques, and technology applications.That's it! Now, go ahead and push that "Take this course" button and see you on the inside!


Section 1: Risk Management: Workplace Safety, Security, and Privacy

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Program Overview (1)

Lecture 3 The Influence of Contemporary HR

Lecture 4 Program Overview (2)

Lecture 5 The Employee Life Cycle

Lecture 6 HR Competency Model

Lecture 7 Program Overview (3)

Lecture 8 HR Career Mosaic

Lecture 9 Program Overview (4)

Lecture 10 Human Resource DNA

Lecture 11 Program Guidelines

Lecture 12 Useful info

Lecture 13 Glossary of Terms

Lecture 14 Legal Issues

Lecture 15 Employee Safety (1)

Lecture 16 Employee Safety (2)

Lecture 17 Employee Safety (3)

Lecture 18 Employee Safety (4)

Lecture 19 Employee Safety (5)

Lecture 20 Employee Safety (6)

Lecture 21 Employee Safety (7)

Lecture 22 Employee Health (1)

Lecture 23 Employee Health (2)

Lecture 24 Employee Health (3)

Lecture 25 Employee Health (4)

Lecture 26 Employee Health (5)

Lecture 27 Workplace Security (1)

Lecture 28 Workplace Security (2)

Lecture 29 Workplace Security (3)

Lecture 30 Workplace Security (4)

Lecture 31 Workplace Security (5)

Lecture 32 Workplace Privacy (1)

Lecture 33 Workplace Privacy (2)

Lecture 34 Workplace Privacy (3)

Lecture 35 Workplace Privacy (4)

Lecture 36 Risk Management- Workplace Safety, Security, and Privacy

Young professionals who are just bning their HR career journey (aPHR Certification),Experienced professionals looking to establish themselves in the HR field (PHR Certification),Seasoned professionals aiming to solidify their credibility as an HR leader (SPHR Certification)



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