Promotion Simplified

Promotion  Simplified

Published 9/2022
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4 Steps for Career Advancement

What you'll learn
Create a Plan to demonstrate performance and development at the next level
Tips to Execute on the plan and demonstrate development at the next level
Tips to Self Advocate to build champions to support your path to promotion
Understand a Winning case for promotion
Performance Level: Minimum equivalent of "Meets Expectations'' for 1+ years
Current Role: Minimum time in current role for 1+ years
Promotion Simplified the 4 Steps to Advance Your Career, will help you earn, that next promotion!In this quick course you will learn the 4 critical and intentional steps to plan, execute, advocate, and build a winning case for promotion. Building the case for promotion requires a good performance rating, demonstrated abilities at the next level, and supportive champions for the case for promotion. Students will be able to have a better understanding of a framework to help build a case for the next promotion.Promotion is not based solely on performance ratings -- performance bonuses and merit increases are in place to reward you for high performance. Promotion is about your demonstrated ability to operate at the next level. To get a promotion approved, your Manager has to make the case with HR, their boss, and so on up the hierarchy to make a decision. This is all contingent on, budget and opening available to provide the higher compensation -- quite simply it's extra work to make the case for promotion so make it easy. Promotions are an artful balance of an individuals development, performance and overall brand. You'll need to consider all 3 to build a winning case. The goal here, is for your business case for promotion to be a no-brainer, a case that can be taken forward and easily get it approved --It's all about building your winning case for promotion.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Anatomy of a Promotion
Lecture 3 Exercise 1: Assess your case for promotion
Section 2: Build Winning Case for Promotion
Lecture 4 Example Manager Discussion
Lecture 5 Overview
Lecture 6 Plan
Lecture 7 Exercise 2 Building your promotion case plan
Lecture 8 Execute
Lecture 9 Advocate
Section 3: Final Thoughts
Lecture 10 Win
Lecture 11 Final Thoughts
Corporate Professionals,Professional women of color struggling to make it to the next level

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