Simple Sales Principles: Selling When You'Re Not In Sales

Simple Sales Principles: Selling When You'Re Not In Sales
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This course teaches you simple and effective strats to apply to your work that successful salespeople use.

What you'll learn
Explore communication skills to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes.
Discover the most important communication skill for sales that applies to business professionals.
Explore how to make tough business decisions when you are in doubt.
Discover new strats to achieve your business objectives.
Identify strats to leverage your success.
Discover business actions to hold yourself accountable.
Discover ways to make it easier to influence others.

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

You can incorporate sales principles into your work even if your job title does not include sales or business development. You are in sales when your business success depends on getting work done by others or if your customers make buying decisions. Eeers, accountants, lawyers, statisticians, consultants and support staff can all benefit from simple sales principles and techniques. Successful salespeople know how to use their communication skills to their advantage while avoiding misunderstandings. They use skills to make strat decisions that produce their desired business results. These salespeople gain success through other people who are aligned with their goals. They use strats to stay motivated despite disappointments. These successful salespeople see things differently to ensure their success. In this course, you learn to apply simple and effective strats to your work that successful salespeople use so you can get better business results. This course is brought to you by Illumeo. Illumeo, incorporated in 2009, is revolutionizing the hide-bound world of corporate learning. Illumeo works with corporate professionals and organizations of all sizes to build the skills and capabilities that help everyone be an expert at their job. Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Illumeo serves thousands of corporations and corporate professionals across Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing. The platform offers assessments, industry-benchmarked competency analyses, hundreds of expert-developed courses, collaborative tools, and the ability for companies to self-publish internal courses that promote institutional knowledge retention and dissation. Illumeo is the place for expertise management and we are dedicated to the proposition that everyone can be an expert at their job.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Simple Sales Principles for Business Success

Lecture 2 Principles 1 & 2

Lecture 3 Principles 3

Lecture 4 Principles 4

Lecture 5 Principles 5

Lecture 6 Principles 6 & 7

Lecture 7 Conclusion

Section 2: Supporting Materials

Lecture 8 Slides: Simple Sales Principles for Business Success

Lecture 9 Simple Sales Principles for Business Success Glossary/Index

Section 3: Review and Test

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