The Mba Hedge Funds Fundamentals Course

The Mba Hedge Funds Fundamentals Course
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Learn about Hedge Fund Trading and Investment Strats.

Understand How Hedge Fund Strats have Evolved over .

Learn How Hedge Fund Managers Develop their Trading Strats.
Learn How Hedge Fund Strats Originated and Grew Over .
Learn How Corporate Finance Inspired Hedge Fund Strats.
Learn How Financial Regulation Impact Hedge Fund Strats.
Discover How MBA Level Courses in Hedge Funds are Delivered.
Learn How Various Hedge Fund Strats have Performed over .
Learn About Major Hedge Fund Failures such as Long Term Capital Management.
Learn How Failures can Lead to the Dissipation of Billions in Days or Weeks.

No Prerequisites are Necessary. We will cover all background knowledge before moving on to Advanced Topics.
No Knowledge of Finance is Necessary. We will cover all Finance Fundamentals before Moving on to Hedge Funds.
You will need access to Microsoft Excel to complete the exercises. We will cover the basics of Microsoft Excel in the Course.

This is an MBA Level course on Hedge Fund Fundamentals. We will b by examining how Corporate Finance inspired Hedge Fund Strats. We will examine Capital Budgeting and Capital Structure decisions. We will examine Stock and Bond Pricing as well as Economic Breakeven. We will b our Analysis of Hedge Funds by examining the Origins of Hedge Funds. We will examine how Financial Regulation starting with the Securities Act of 1933 shaped Hedge Funds. We will also examine the 40 Acts and Dodd-Frank. Hedge Funds were brought under regulatory purview following the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009. We will examine the adoption of Form PF in the United States and EU AIFMD in Europe. We will examine the growth of Hedge funds from its origins in the 1920s to the current .Once we have examined the Fundamentals of Hedge Funds, we will shift our focus to how hedge funds operate. We will examine the roles of the major Service Providers such as P Brokers, Custodians and Administrators. We will examine the process of Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation.Following our Discussion of Service Providers, we will analyze hedge fund strats. We will examine the three major Groups of Strats which are Relative Value, Event Driven and Opportunistic. We will examine common trading strats and map historical returns of those strats. We will examine historical returns for the US, EU and other jurisdictions. We will examine historical returns from four sources: Credit Suisse, HFR, BarclayHedge and Edhec-Risk. We will discuss why certain strats have not been able to generate stellar returns.Finally, we will examine some of the major Hedge Fund Failures. We will examine the big four failures i.e. Long Term Capital Management, Amaranth Advisors, SAC Capital and Bernard Madoff Investment Securities.This is a 14+ hours course with numerous able resources. Each Lecture Video is accompanied by a Lecture Plan. The Lecture Plan is a Word Document listing 10-15 bullet points for each Lecture. I recommend viewing the Lecture Plan before watching the Videos. Scroll down and watch the Preview Lectures on Course Materials, Life Cycle of Companies and Origins of Hedge Funds. I will see you in the Course!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction Video

Lecture 2 Course Materials

Lecture 3 Features of MBA Courses

Lecture 4 The Basics of Excel

Section 2: From Corporate Finance to Hedge Funds

Lecture 5 Why Corporate Finance Matters

Lecture 6 The Company Life Cycle

Lecture 7 Investment and Financing Decisions

Lecture 8 Balance Sheet and Equity Values

Lecture 9 Modeling the Stock Price

Lecture 10 Bond Prices and Characteristics

Lecture 11 Calculating Bond Prices Part 1

Lecture 12 Calculating Bond Prices Part 2

Lecture 13 Coupon Rates and Yield to Maturity

Lecture 14 Deteing Coupon Rates and Yields Part 1

Lecture 15 Deteing Coupon Rates and Yields Part 2

Lecture 16 Clean and Dirty Bond Prices

Lecture 17 Economic Breakeven

Lecture 18 Returns and Performance Measurement

Lecture 19 SEC Forms Part 1

Lecture 20 SEC Forms Part 2

Lecture 21 Forms in Other Jurisdictions

Lecture 22 Risk Management

Lecture 23 Role of Relative Value Hedge Funds

Lecture 24 Role of Event Driven Hedge Funds

Lecture 25 Role of Opportunistic Hedge Funds

Lecture 26 From Corporate Finance to Hedge Funds

Section 3: Hedge Fund Fundamentals

Lecture 27 The Origins Of Hedge Funds

Lecture 28 What are Hedge Funds

Lecture 29 Purpose of Hedge Funds

Lecture 30 Financial Intermediaries

Lecture 31 Purpose of Hedge Funds - Find Poorly Perfog Companies

Lecture 32 Purpose of Hedge Funds - Funding Startups

Lecture 33 Purpose of Hedge Funds - Find Irregularities

Lecture 34 Purpose of Hedge Funds - Finding Fraud

Lecture 35 Purpose of Hedge Funds - Find Inefficiencies in the Economy

Lecture 36 What Motivates a Hedge Fund Manager

Lecture 37 Further Hedge Fund Insights

Lecture 38 Long and Short Positions

Lecture 39 Investments Versus Investment Strats

Lecture 40 Securities Act of 1933

Lecture 41 Investment Company Act Part 1

Lecture 42 Investment Company Act Part 2

Lecture 43 Investment Advisers Act

Lecture 44 Hedge Fund Regulation

Lecture 45 Form PF

Lecture 46 EU AIFMD

Lecture 47 Growth of Hedge Funds

Lecture 48 Recap of Hedge Fund Fundamentals

Section 4: Operating Hedge Funds

Lecture 49 How Hedge Funds Operate

Lecture 50 Parallel Funds Versus Master Feeder Arrangements

Lecture 51 The P Broker and Custodian

Lecture 52 What Hedge Funds are Not

Lecture 53 The Administrator

Lecture 54 Top Administrators and P Brokers Worldwide

Lecture 55 The Auditor and Law Firm

Lecture 56 Net Asset Value

Lecture 57 Service Providers Play a Key Role

Section 5: Hedge Fund Strats

Lecture 58 Analyzing Hedge Fund Strats

Lecture 59 Side Pockets and Co-Investments

Lecture 60 Introduction to Relative Value Strats

Lecture 61 Defining Convertible Arbitrage and Bonds

Lecture 62 Convertible Bond Mutual Funds

Lecture 63 Convertible Arbitrage - The Details

Lecture 64 Convertible Arbitrage - A Numerical Example

Lecture 65 Convertible Arbitrage Performance

Lecture 66 Convertible Arbitrage Outlook Going Forward

Lecture 67 Fixed Income Arbitrage Performance

Lecture 68 Fixed Income Arbitrage Numerical Examples Part 1

Lecture 69 Fixed Income Arbitrage Numerical Example Part 2

Lecture 70 Fixed Income Arbitrage Outlook Going Forward

Lecture 71 Defining Equity Market Neutral Strats

Lecture 72 Equity Market Neutral Historical Performance

Lecture 73 Equity Market Neutral Outlook Going Forward

Lecture 74 Introduction to Event Driven Strats

Lecture 75 Merger Arbitrage - The Details

Lecture 76 Merger Arbitrage Historical Perfomance

Lecture 77 Merger Arbitrage Outlook Going Forward

Lecture 78 Distressed Securities - The Details

Lecture 79 Distressed Securities Historical Performance

Lecture 80 Distressed Securities Outlook Going Forward

Lecture 81 Introduction to Opportunistic Strats

Lecture 82 Long Short Equity - The Details

Lecture 83 Long and Short Positions

Lecture 84 Long Short Equity Historical Performance

Lecture 85 Equity Long/Short Outlook Going Forward

Lecture 86 Emeg Markets Details and Historical Performance

Lecture 87 Emeg Markets Outlook Going Forward

Lecture 88 Global Macro - The Details

Lecture 89 Global Macro Historical Performance

Lecture 90 Global Macro Outlook Going Forward

Lecture 91 Managed Futures - The Details

Lecture 92 Managed Futures Trades

Lecture 93 Managed Futures Historical Performance

Lecture 94 Managed Futures Outlook Going Forward

Lecture 95 Fund of Funds Details and Historical Performance

Lecture 96 Investor Responsibilities

Lecture 97 Qualitative Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Lecture 98 Quantitative Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Lecture 99 Performance and Risk Measurement

Lecture 100 Recap of Hedge Fund Strats

Section 6: Major Hedge Fund Failures

Lecture 101 Hedge Fund Failures

Lecture 102 Insights on Hedge Fund Failures

Lecture 103 Failure of Long Term Capital Management

Lecture 104 Failure of Amaranth Advisors

Lecture 105 Failures Due to Insider Trading

Lecture 106 Failures Due to Outright Fraud

Lecture 107 Recap of Hedge Fund Failures

Lecture 108 Some Additional Details

Lecture 109 MBA Course Outcomes

Lecture 110 Concluding Remarks

Any Financial Analyst Looking to Expand their Knowledge of Hedge Funds.,Any Aspiring Investment Banking Analyst Wishing to Broaden their Knowledge of Hedge Funds.,Anyone Applying to an MBA Program Wishing to Expand their Knowledge of Finance Fundamentals and Hedge Funds.,Anyone Applying for a Job at a Hedge Fund or a Private Equity Fund.,Any Current MBA Student or Graduate who was not Offered a Course on Hedge Funds.,Physicians, Lawyers, Eeers and Other Professionals Wishing to Learn about Hedge Funds.



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