Chess Games & tactics

Chess Games & tactics

Chess Games & tactics
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9780691090658 Princeton University Press - Behind_Deep_Blue_Building_the_Computhat_Defeated_the_World_Chess_Champion Hsu,_FENG-HSIUNG Jul 2002.pdf 5.88 MB
9780691115030 Princeton University Press - Across_the_Board_The_Mathematics_of_Chessboard_Problems Watkins,_John_J_Jul 2004.pdf 4.82 MB
Alexander Marhsall - How To Play Chess- The Effective Winning Guide (Even For Beginners) (epub).epub 2.45 MB
Arthur Marshall - Chess for Beginners- The Complete Guide to Learn the Rules and How to Apply the Right Strategies.It Includes Strong Openings and Powerful Tactics (epub).epub 400 KB
Bobby Fischer, Stuart Margulies, Don Mosenfelder - Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess (pdf).pdf 17 MB
Brett Alexander - Chess- The Right Way to Play Chess and Win - Chess Tactics, Chess Openings and Chess Strategies, 2nd Edition (epub)_copy_2.epub 8.63 KB
Brett Alexander - Chess- The Right Way to Play Chess and Win - Chess Tactics, Chess Openings and Chess Strategies, 2nd Edition (epub)_copy_2.epub.ERRORS 126 B
Brett Alexander - Chess- The Right Way to Play Chess and Win - Chess Tactics, Chess Openings and Chess Strategies, 2nd Edition (epub).epub 1.22 MB
Bruce Pandolfini - Pandolfini's Ultimate Guide to Chess (epub).epub 9.65 MB
Burt Hochberg - Outrageous Chess Problems (PDF).pdf 7.83 MB
Chess Library 1 Contents.txt 4.88 KB
Chess Library 1.part1.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 1.part2.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 1.part3.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 1.part4.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 1.part5.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 1.part6.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 1.part7.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 1.part8.rar 4 MB
Chess Library 2.rar 28.6 MB
Chess Library 3 Contents.txt 5.56 KB
Chess Library 3.part01.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 3.part02.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 3.part03.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 3.part04.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 3.part05.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 3.part06.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 3.part07.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 3.part08.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 3.part09.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 3.part10.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 3.part11.rar 93.3 MB
Chess Library 4 Contents.txt 6.08 KB
Chess Library 4.part01.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 4.part02.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 4.part03.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 4.part04.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 4.part05.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 4.part06.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 4.part07.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 4.part08.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 4.part09.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 4.part10.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 4.part11.rar 44.1 MB
Chess Library 5 Contents.txt 6.12 KB
Chess Library 5.part01.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 5.part02.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 5.part03.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 5.part04.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 5.part05.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 5.part06.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 5.part07.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 5.part08.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 5.part09.rar 100 MB
Chess Library 5.part10.rar 90.2 MB
Chester Addison - Chess Opening For Beginners- The Complete Guide to Chess Openings, Tactics and Strategies to Become a Grandmaster of Chess (epub).epub 2.43 MB
Curtis Bond - Chess - 4 books in 1- Getting Started From A Beginner. Learn Successful Openings, Develop Advanced Strategy And Win your Games (epub).epub 17.5 MB
Ethan Moore - How To Beat Anyone At Chess- The Best Chess Tips, Moves, and Tactics to Checkmate (mobi).mobi 10.2 MB
Fabiano Carlsen - Chess For Beginners- A Complete Guide To Lead You To Victory! Chess Fundamentals, Rules, Strategies and Secrets For The Success of Every Game (epub).epub 2.13 MB
Georges Renaud, Victor Kahn - The Art of Checkmate- new translation with algebraic chess notation (PDF).pdf 34.4 MB
Irving Chernev - The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played- 62 masterly games of chess strategy (epub).epub 12.8 MB
Jack Becker - Chess for Beginners- learn the wonderful game of the chess board, with strategies, rules and techniques to win easily (epub).epub 192 KB
James Eade - Chess Openings For Dummies (mobi).mobi 5.61 MB
Konstantin Sakaev, Konstantin Landa - The Complete Manual of Positional Chess- The Russian Chess School 2.0 - Middlegame Structures and Dynamics, Volume 2 (epub).epub 25.8 MB
Lars Erik Carlsean - Chess For Beginners- The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Chess (epub).epub 5.06 MB
Logan Donovan - Chess- The Complete Guide To Chess - Master Chess Tactics, Chess Openings, and Chess Strategies (epub).epub 1.21 MB
Maurice Ashley - he Most Valuable Skills in Chess (PDF).pdf 6.49 MB
Paul van der Sterren - FCO- Fundamental Chess Openings (azw3).azw3 12.2 MB
Samuel Myers - Chess for Beginners- The Original Step-by-Step Guide to Learn Everything About Chess (epub).epub 2.05 MB
Tim Sawyer - Chess Strategy - Ruy Lopez- How to Beat Intermediate Chess Players (epub).epub 13 MB
Tim Sawyer - Chess Strategy Sicilian 1.e4 c5- How to Beat Intermediate Chess Players (epub).epub 5.78 MB
Tommy Larphy - Chess Openings for Beginners- The Complete Manual To Learn The Fundamentals, The Strategy And The Best Moves At The Start Of The Game (epub).epub 1.12 MB
Vincent Okoye, Victor Efobi - The Best Chess Puzzles- The Grand Masters Techniques (epub).epub 60.1 MB
Vladimir Vukovic - Art of Attack in Chess (epub).epub

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