Gumroad - Squirtle Modelling & Texturing Series by Michael Wilde

Gumroad - Squirtle Modelling & Texturing Series by Michael Wilde

Gumroad - Squirtle Modelling & Texturing Series by Michael Wilde
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I did compress the videos for better hard disk real estate if you wish to have original videos please refer to the link to the original upload by Styh thanks.
In this series I go through the process of texturing and modeling this lovely turtle from start to finish. I will go through my methodology and workflows with step by step narration. Along the way I'm going to talk about it all: Design, UVs, modelling, sculpting, Texturing, topology and even a few failures.

I use Zbrush, Maya and Mari with a small section using Substance Designer. I will not be teaching the very basics of the software but do have 11 mini lessons throughout to teach techniques I use throughout

Files Included:

21 x Narrated Videos (Just under 7 hours of footage if I've done the maths right)
11 x Mini Lessons
Zbrush File and Low Poly OBJ
Final Exported Textures
& More

Video Chapters:

00 - Intro / VFX Asset Pipeline
01 - Ref is King
02 - Zbrush Blockout
03 - Retopo & UVing
03b - Retopoing Cont. Shell & Tail
04 - UV and UDIM Workflow
05 - Zbrush Hand Sculpted Details
06 - Painting Displacement in Mari
06b - Shell Problem Solving
07 - Analysing a First Pass Render
08 - Zbrush Second Pass
09 - Mari and Zbrush Balancing
10 - Colour Block In and Mari Setup
11 - Adding More Colour Details in Mari
12 - Shell Hand Painting in Mari
13 - Checking Renders and Making Edits
13b - Final Mari Colour Textures
14 - Making Secondary Maps
15 - Glasses, Nails and Eyes
16 - Arnold Render Scene Overview
17 - Post Mortem

Small Software Disclaimer: In the Mari sections I am using the full commercial version with the extension pack. While I use a few Extension Pack nodes I give alternatives in all but one situation incase you are using the Non-Commercial version or don't have the EP. Just wanted to mention that upfront

The Mari File is also not included as I don't have the rights to distribute the tiled textures and other resources used inside of it.

Thanks to Styh for the Xmas Gift shared with us, enjoy!

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