Network Programmability and Automation, 2nd Edition

Network Programmability and Automation, 2nd Edition
English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781098110826 | 69 pages | PDF,EPUB | 3.58 MB

Network eeers are finding it harder than ever to rely solely on manual processes to get their jobs done.

New protocols, technologies, delivery models, and the need for businesses to become more agile and flexible have made network automation essential. The updated second edition of this practical guide shows network eeers how to use a range of technologies and tools, including Linux, Python, APIs, and Git, to automate systems through code. This edition also includes brand new topics such as network development environments, cloud, and programming with Go.

Network Programmability and Automation will help you automate tasks involved in configuring, managing, and operating network equipment, topologies, services, and connectivity. Through the course of the book, you'll learn the basic skills and tools you need to make this critical transition.

You'll learn

Programming skills with Python and Go: data types, conditionals, loops, functions, and more
How to work with Linux-based systems, the foundation for modern networking and cloud platforms
Data formats and models: JSON, XML, YAML, and YANG
Jinja templating for creating network device configurations
The role of application programming interfaces (APIs) in network automation
Source control with Git to manage code changes during the automation process
Cloud-native technologies like Docker and Kubernetes
How to automate network devices and services using Ansible, Salt, and Terraform
Tools and technologies for developing and continuously integrating network automation


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