Biomedical and Other Applications of Soft Computing

Biomedical and Other Applications of Soft Computing
English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 3031085795 | 277 pages | True PDF EPUB | 42.45 MB

This book describes current and potential use of artificial intelligence and computational intelligence techniques in biomedicine and other application areas.

Medical applications range from general diagnostics to processing of X-ray images to e-medicine-related privacy issues.

Medical community understandably prefers methods that have been successful other on other application areas, where possible mistakes are not that critical. This book describes many promising methods related to deep learning, fuzzy techniques, knowledge graphs, and quantum computing. It also describes the results of testing these new methods in communication networks, education, environmental studies, food industry, retail industry, transportation eeering, and many other areas.

This book helps practitioners and researchers to learn more about computational intelligence methods and their biomedical applications—and to further develop this important research direction.


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