Author 7.5 macOS

Author 7.5 macOS
Author 7.5 Multilingual | macOS | 11 mb

Augmented Text Word Processor.

Greater control of the authorship process with Augmented Citation Copy, Augmented Glossary, Augmented Views, Cuttings & more.
When you are ready to share your work as a PDF you get an automatically created Reference section. You can also post to WordPress.
Copy from PDF in the companion application Reader and paste as a full citation in Author
Paste the BibTex or DOI from an acad PDF to have it automatically turn into a full citation
Cite quickly and easily from Books, Web pages and YouTube videos (from specified if desired)
Citations can easily be moved around from one document to another by clicking on the citation and choosing 'Copy Citation'.
Advanced Automatic Export Options
Append References Section
Create Cover Page
Number Headings
Specify how citations should appear: Author Date or Author Number
Makes typed-out links live
Option to have Visual-Meta attached
Publish to WordPress: Supports multiple accounts and image attachments
Advanced Views
Dynamic View: Think freely without being constrained by the traditional columns of text. Mind map, concept map and jot down thoughts, right inside Author.
Instant Outline: Pinch on your trackpad to fold the text to see just the headings. Pinch further in or out to see more or less headings
Advanced Find: If you only want to see sentences with a specific keyword, select the keyword cmd-f to hide all the sentences which do not have the keyword will be hidden. Click on a sentence to jump to it, cmd-f again or ESC to return to the regular view.
Magic Mas: Double click in the mas (in full screen mode) to jot down any notes. If the notes are also in the document they will be bold and you can double-click to see all their occurrences. Note: These mas do not follow your document when you scroll, they are separate, to allow you to have an always-available space to jot notes-hence they are not like traditional mas
Full Version - included
: macOS 10.13 or later


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