AFT Impulse 9.0.1102 build 2022.05.11

AFT Impulse 9.0.1102 build 2022.05.11
AFT Impulse 9.0.1102 build 2022.05.11 | 193.4 mb

ATF announced the release of Impulse 9.

0.1102 build 2022.05.11, the industry-leading software to simulate and analyze waterhammer in piping systems. In this release numerous usability enhancements are offered which makes eeers better equipped than ever to tackle demanding waterhammer transient design and operational tasks.
is a powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool used to calculate pressure transients in piping systems caused by waterhammer.
AFT Impulse offers the ease-of-use of a drag-and-drop interface and built-in waterhammer modeling expertise and helps you design and operate your systems with greater reliability and safety by avoiding the potentially catastrophic effects of waterhammer and other undesirable system transients.
AFT Impulse provides a built-in library of fluids and fittings, variable model configurations, pump and control valve modeling and much more. Scenario Manager raises the what-if potential of waterhammer modeling to a new level. Multiple system configurations varying by any modeling parameter are easily managed within a single model file with a familiar hierarchical interface. Changes in the base model are automatically inherited by alternate design cases.
AFT Impulse incorporates a steady-state solver providing seamless transfer of initial conditions to the transient analysis. The traditional Method of Characteristics are employed to solve the transient mass and momentum equations of pipe flow. Modeling vapor cavitation and liquid column separation, the effect of pressure surges due to vapor cavity collapse may be evaluated. Modeling tools for a wide range of system components and surge devices are included. Transients can be initiated based on or on events in the system. For example, a valve closure transient may be initiated when a specified pressure level is attained at a location. From the powerful drag-and-drop model building features to the fully customizable output, AFT Impulse is a powerful tool ready to tackle your most demanding design problems.
Designed for use in liquid systems containing water, petroleum and refined products, chal products, cryogens, refrants, and more, AFT Impulse is an essential tool with the ability to tackle your most demanding systems.
is a leader in the pipe flow modeling software market. With a primary focus on developing high quality fluid flow analysis software, AFT has a comprehensive line of products for the analysis and design of piping and ducting systems.
Applied Flow Technology Impulse
9.0.1102 build 2022.05.11
x64 english
Windows *
193.4 mb


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