Benthic Software ImpExpPro 1.1 Build 22

Benthic Software ImpExpPro 1.1 Build 22
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ImpExpPro is an import/export tool for Oracle databases.

This application allows you to import data into tables, export query data to text files, and run SQL and PL/SQL commands. Imports, Exports and Command specification can be saved to files to be loaded and run later.

ImpExpRunner allows running Import, Export and Command files while giving feedback and allowing the user to cancel the process.

ImpExpRunnerCmd is a command line version (a "console" program) that can be used when you don't need a user interface (such as from batch files.) It is optimized to be quick and resource friendly.

Supported Client Operating systems: Windows 10, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Teal Server/Citrix, 32 and 64bit versions

Supports Oracle 8 - 12, SQLNet 2.x - Net12 (including 'Instant Client')

Support for ASCII, ANSI and Unicode formats

High speed imports and exports using direct Oracle Client methods

Flexible delimiter and qualifier options

Manage speed and database undo usage by chag how often commits occur during imports

Log all actions to log files

Ability to ignore errors during imports and to limit import size (useful for testing)

Ability to cancel any running process

ImpExpRunner application can be used to run unattended or scripted imports, exports and commands

Runner applications can be used with specification files created with ImpExpPro and most options can be overridden with command line switches




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